Why undertake a boutique business?

Why undertake a boutique business

The boutique business are aimed at customers seeking exclusivity and personalized service, even if it means paying a higher price.

Imagine the following scenario: you want to buy a box of chocolates to give to a partner. You have two choices, go to a department store and buy a box of a brand known to the not too high a price, or, visit a gourmet chocolate shop and buy an assortment of chocolates and exquisitely wrapped unique flavors, but at a higher price.

What would you rather? Would you go for the low price, even if it meant sacrificing quality? Today, many customers prefer the second option.

Exclusivity makes the difference

In recent years, the concept of “boutique business” has become fashionable. It targets consumers looking for a product or distinctive, hard to find service elsewhere. These businesses are aimed at demanding customers who seek exclusivity, and who do not mind paying a higher price to receive it.

Originally the term “boutique” is used to refer to a small clothes shop, where clothes and accessories are sold only; that is, not from a mass production. Unlike large chains of clothing stores in these clothes one size, color and design are available.

Customers who buy here may pay a higher price, but in return receive certain that, if they attend a party or meeting, will not find someone with an identical garment.

On the other hand, the boutique business attach great importance to the design and decor of the physical space. It is usually exquisitely decorated places, full of unique details. Spaces where customers can feel at home … or even better.

A tailored service

Products not produced in series, uniquely decorated, comfortable spaces … what else distinguishes a boutique business? Of course, personal service. These businesses have few customers are committed to ensuring the best possible care quality, focusing on their specific needs and requests.

The target customer of business boutique commitment to live a different and unique experience. This is clearly reflected in the boutique hotels, a hosting service with few rooms over fortnightly -not that deviate from the standard luxury and service resorts to offer privacy, exclusivity and personalized service. Thus, one is way more direct relationship between the client and the hotel.

In the catering sector this trend is also upward. Increasingly demanding customers prefer boutique chocolatiers, bakeries, ice cream shops, gourmet food stores, wine boutiques and gourmet butcher to large stores that are part of a chain.

And what about the service sector? The boutique business is not simply limited to the hotels sector can also be seen, for example, travel agencies that have a reduced customer base looking for a highly personalized service.

Loyal Customers

The advantages of the boutique business for customers are clear. But what are the benefits of undertaking this kind of business?

By offering a unique product or service, customers are willing to pay a considerably higher price. Also, boutique businesses often form a portfolio of repeat customers who return again and again, knowing they will receive the best possible treatment and find exactly what they seek. And what could be better to offer personalized service and have loyal customers in return?

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