What you pay (not walking dead …)

What you pay (not walking dead

These past two weeks I have learned again that cheap is expensive.

And it is that my readers were having trouble visiting this page, a situation that made me move away to find a real solution.

Then I tell my story:

What you pay

As I said, this space began to suffer from a situation with the company that housed my page. Many people reported me on Twitter that when they gave clicking on one of my links, the page showed: “Error connecting to the database.” At certain times, people were receiving this error, which they managed to enter.

But also, this is not only happening to my readers. On more than one occasion I also experienced it: when you try to save a new post he had just written. Or when trying to load an image to illustrate, as I usually do.

I had a hard time finding the problem. I searched and searched until I realized that the company that hosted the site, was blocking access to consume too many resources. Something called CPU Throttling.

I did not know that most hosting services offer what is called “shared hosting” (shared hosting). Under this service, the server resources with many other sites are shared. Then, when one begins to consume more processing resources than allowed (or normal), the system begins to block access to prevent others hosted on the same server, pages are affected.

In short: it started happening due in part to the growth in the number of readers who have had. The server simply could not serve all at once.

Of course, I tried by all means to solve it. I ran into people from inept support and good, not to make the story too long, I faced a wall. There was no way to solve: what you pay.

That’s when I decided I had to look for other alternatives to host my page.

I began a thorough search, and learned different things: there virtual private servers (also share resources) dedicated servers (they are expensive, monthly costs several hundred dollars) or redundant configurations “in the cloud”.

I spent several hours comparing and trying to make the best choice, not only in service, but cost-effective because, as I said, what you pay. He needed a long-term solution that could grow with me.
And I found it.

I can tell you that I will pay six times more than what I was paying for the accommodation of my page – and left a service that was paid until next year (without refund: another sign that what you pay). But it will be worth it: it is a comprehensive, dedicated, specialized, with a first class service (and I tried it during the migration, which occurred without incident).

But above all: no cuts in service. His promise: never limit access to: if you need more resources then provide them automatically. All my resources page needs are at my disposal. In addition I have daily backups of my database, security locks to prevent attacks and clean if that were to happen. And if that were not enough, the page loads much faster now.

A new lesson that cheap is expensive. It is not about finding the most economical, but the most cost-effective. Always.

So for those who cared: not walking dead, I was just looking for the best options to provide better service.

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