Top 7 Tricks Followed by Insurance Companies to Reduce Your Car Accident Claim

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Insurance companies are fantastic at getting you to accept as little an insurance claim as possible. Even if you get in a serious accident and end up with medical expenses, the insurance company wants to do everything possible to get you to a lower settlement. They are tasked with saving as much money through each client as possible. And they have plenty of tricks up their sleeve to achieve these goals. Here is a look at the top seven insurance company tricks to reduce your accident claim.

  1. They Do Not Respond

The biggest trick in the book is refusing to respond when you make your initial inquiry. Many insured individuals expect their provider to call them back within hours, but it can take days for an insurance company to get back to you. They want to delay the process as much as possible, because delays lead to frustration, which may lead you to accept a lower settlement to get the matter resolved.

  1. Delays

In keeping with the first statement, insurance companies will pull out every trick in the book to delay the process. Whether they refuse to call you back, or they put you through the legal ringer, they will make sure you are not getting an easy ride when it comes to getting the settlement money you deserve.

  1. More Details

Even if you have provided the insurance company with all the information you requested, they will call you back and ask for more details. Sometimes they could keep asking you for forms you have already said. You may think it is an honest mistake on the part of your agent, but it is probably a malicious attempt to get you frustrated.

  1. Statements

Insurance companies often want a statement about the accident from the victim. They want you to talk with the insurance agent and tell them what happened, or present a written statement of your version of the accident. But it is advised that people do not give out any statements to insurance companies unless they have spoken with a lawyer. You can contact the professionals at if you need representation.

  1. Legal Representation

Insurance companies also try to avoid having to deal with other lawyers. They do not want you “lawyering up,” and they will attempt to dissuade you by saying that hiring an attorney will only complicate the process. But the truth is that it only complicates things for the insurance company, because they cannot get everything they want from you!

  1. Release Medical Records

If an insurance company asks for immediate access to all your medical records, do not provide it to them. They ask for these records because they want to find a way to point out that the injuries you sustained in the accident were actually a problem for you from beforehand.

  1. Dispute Medical Expenses

The insurance adjuster will use every possible loophole to ensure your insurance payment is not fulfilling all your medical expenses. They may write off some of the expenses, or say you received some unnecessary or overly expensive treatment.

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