Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance


You probably think of auto insurance as just another bill you have to pay, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Think you’re immune from a car crash just because you haven’t had one yet? Counting on invincibility when you’re on the road is probably not the smartest decision. You can make paying for insurance slightly less annoying though if you manage to get the costs down. In addition to saving you money on your auto insurance, NY and NJ defensive driving courses reduce points. Here are the top ways to save:

Shop Around

Tired of hearing about how you could save 15% or more on car insurance? Maybe you don’t have to call that company, but it’s message is not entirely wrong. Shopping around for different rates can yield you a better policy price. Some car companies (like Nationwide) provide accident forgiveness, which can be a lifesaver for those who had one unfortunate run-in with an otherwise perfect driving record. The key to searching is to try them all, even when it seems like you’re never going to get a different rate. Or call companies like Progressive who will do the cost comparison for you.

Look for Hidden Costs

For a while, the trend was to buy the minimal legal coverage. It meant that you wouldn’t be given any hassle when you were stopped by the police, and it would keep your premiums costs low too. While this sounds great in theory, it would end up costing you far more if you did have any type of major problem — especially if you were in the wrong state. For example, in Florida the state minimums for legal coverage are low — very low. Very few people wouldn’t be tempted to get the affordable option.

But there’s another side to the story. Should you hit someone with the bare minimum in Florida, you’re only going to be covered up to $10,000. That means if you total a 2013 SUV, you’ll be liable for all the extra damage you’ve caused. Also, most drivers aren’t covered if they’re hit by someone who doesn’t even have insurance. If you feel like you can’t afford an extra $20 a month for your policy, then you definitely won’t be able to cover the damage to your car if an uninsured driver hits you at 35 miles an hour.

Stop Taking Risks

The best way you can save money on your car insurance is by being a safe driver. All those 10 and 2 tips you had drilled into your head are actually given to make it easier for you to stay safe (as opposed to making you look like a total square.) The fewer tickets and accidents you have on record, the less likely you are to find yourself in a high-risk pool that pushes your costs up. The more you pay attention and make smarter choices on the road (this means phones down and eyes up), the more likely it is you’ll have money to spend on the Bacon of the Month Club you’ve been dying to join.

Take a Class

This tip is an extension of the last one. Many insurance companies offer you a break on your insurance costs if you attend a traffic school. The reasoning behind this is the more education you have, the less likely you are to get into an accident. If you’re older, there’s a Mature Driver’s Course which can get you more discounts in California and Florida too. These are refreshers of course, but they can also teach you about new rules you may not be aware of (like the rules on texting and driving.) A defensive driving course is not the same as a photography or language course, but it can be just as fun (we swear!)

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