Take Control of Your Money

Take Control of Your Money

This is the first book review we do in Plan your Finanzas.com – thereby inaugurating a section that will appear occasionally in this space, in an effort to disseminate works to help our readers to increase their financial literacy. Books will outline both Spanish and English.

Karla is a person knowledgeable in the subject and has the great virtue of being able to capture, in simple words, thoughts and concepts of life that influence how we relate to money. It does regularly in his blog and now gives us much more in his book, which recounts personal experiences and experiences that make us know more, understand more, admire most.

Although some parts of the book produced me mixed feelings, make no mistake: Take Control of Your Money is an excellent book on Personal Finance, I’d strongly recommend reading. Continue to read the full review.

About the Book

“It Takes Control of Your Money” is a short and readable book that seeks to promote the proper management of our personal finances from a change in our inner attitude. The author does a great job of taking us slowly down a path that begins to discover our beliefs about money and reflect on what we mean by financial health.

It addresses a fundamental issue: the establishment of financial goals and have a strategy for each. And he hits the later chapters devoted to handling money in the family, the couple and the children. The book ends with a brief advice to defeat our “mad house” inside – to our own saboteur.

Each chapter is short and concise, which I consider a great success, because it favors a flexible reading. In addition, each ending with a series of intelligent questions that invite the reader to continue reflection based on what he or she thinks about your relationship with money, which adds tremendous value.

However, this very brevity of the chapters also sometimes plays against. During my reading, several times felt that some issues should have been developed more (importance) or that sometimes jumping too quickly to conclusions.

I could not help thinking that some parts of the book had been pieced together from some posts that the author has published before in his blog. This idea was reinforced when I on page 101 the author mentions “I’m writing this post while I plan a session on families …”.

I want to emphasize that does not make the content of the book is less valuable – it still is widely recommended reading. What happens is that both genres are very different and I just stayed with the desire that certain topics had had a fuller elaboration – more suitable for a book to a blog.

What I most liked

Karla virtue has to convey important concepts in a simple way. But above all, the heart that puts everything in writing and stories about her and her family – this makes the reader is connected to a very personal level with what the author tries to tell us, which in turn brings a great value and makes the book really stand out.

In addition to the questions he asks the reader at the end of each chapter – they are very smart and steer the reader to reflect on their own relationship with money and achieve positive change.

What was I to duty

As I mentioned, I believe that some issues should have been developed in a much broader way. The chapter that I personally was a duty, is the one that has to do with our money grow (although in it an excellent explanation of the difference between debt and equity). Personally I do not really like the treatment that the author gives the concept of risk.

“It Takes Control of Your Money” is a book widely recommended – it is very much worth reading, full of virtues far outweigh your weaknesses. I think it’s a great deal of Karla Bayly for transmitting financial culture, so I wish him the best of success, which is well deserved.

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