Identifying and Correcting the Flaws in Your Business Plan

One cannot simply start a business and expect that it will suddenly become a prolific, money-making machine. It takes a substantial amount of planning to put things in perspective and to set in motion a chain of events and activities which will propel you on the market. However, not all […]

How will the Greek crisis ultimately affect the Euro?

Greece Issue

The first question to ask is; how long does a crisis have to last before it stops being a crisis and starts being simply the way things are? That must be the way the people of Greece are feeling round about now. As they ready themselves for another referendum on […]

How to learn Economy and Finance changed my outlook on life?

In January 2008, my wife Monica and I were signing the mortgage on our floor, unknowingly, we change his life. On September 15 of that year, Lehman Brothers announced the largest bankruptcy in history so far. Nothing would ever be the same. And we in destitution. Without thinking and driven […]

What I learned … Personal Finance observing others

In my family I was taught, as a child, before review was listening. I learned to observe and think. Maybe that’s why I’m a quiet person, I speak a little conversation unless you have something valuable to contribute. That made me a person with certain visual and auditory acuity. In […]

What not to do an insurance agent

People who read me know that I firmly believe that the support and advice of a good insurance agent is essential. I have many good friends who are insurance agents and are happy to be, because they know their work will open the eyes of many people, help them to […]