Should You Take a NY Defensive Driving Course?


Driving in New York means different things to different people. It largely depends on where in New York you live. If you happen to live in The Big Apple it means dangers are everywhere – and constant.

The truth, though, is that whether you live in NYC or elsewhere in the state you should take a NY defensive driving course for all the reasons listed below and more.

Distracted Drivers

NY drivers face a lot of distractions on the road today. Some people are applying cosmetics as they make the drive into work. Some are reading, dictating memos, fiddling with radio tuners – even watching movies as they drive into work.

Then there are the external distractions. Tourists are everywhere in New York. This is especially true in New York City. They’re distracted by the billboards, the monuments, familiar sights from television shows, and billboards pointing out Broadway’s latest offerings.

Between what’s going on inside cars and outside of them, New York’s roads are paved with hazards. Something as simple as an online defensive driving course for New York drivers can help you identify potential hazards and react to them without bodily injury or damaging vehicles (and other property).

Reduce Insurance Costs

The proactive step of taking a defensive driving course for New York drivers can help you enjoy a reduction in your insurance costs. This is great news as New York auto insurance rates can be quite miserable.
Per the New York State Insurance Commissioner, all insurance companies writing policies for NY residents are required under New York Insurance Law § 2336 to provide a 10% reduction for three (3) years, from the base rate of the current liability, no-fault and collision premiums when an insured presents them with proof of completion of a Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) completed through a NYS DMV-approved course provider. This applies to motorcycles and automobiles alike.

Reduce License Points

In addition to reduced insurance rates, the DMV reports that New York drivers can remove as many as four points from their driving records for taking a defensive driving course.

Lowering the points on your driver’s license can help you avoid insurance rate adjustments, escalating fines and penalties, and even the loss of your ability to drive. The good news is that it is easier than ever to take defensive driving classes. You don’t even need to disrupt your schedule in order to do so.

Traditional classroom instruction is available for defensive driving courses, but is no longer necessary for New York residents. You now have the option to take an online course and enjoy the same results.

Why Take Defensive Driving Classes Online?

There are many reasons people prefer to take defensive driving online rather than going into a traditional classroom setting in order to do so. These are a few common favorites.

  • Convenience. Online classes work on your schedule allowing you to continue on with work, school, etc.
  • Flexibility. Because you’re not locked into certain times or dates to take the class you have the flexibility to do so at your own pace.
  • Anonymity. Public classes are anything but anonymous. You want to answer questions, take the tests, etc. in privacy – without anyone knowing whether you got them right or wrong – or that you’re even taking the class.
  • No Need for Transportation. If your license has been suspended you will need a ride or public transportation to get to traditional defensive driving classes. That is not the case when you take online classes.
  • Privacy. Some people don’t like to feel as though they’re being put on the spot to answer questions in public. They prefer the privacy taking classes like this online provides.

As you can see, there are too many benefits to ignore that suggest you absolutely should take a NY defensive driving course. Today is a great day to begin.

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