Shopaholic: I buy, I must Now how can I pay?

Shopaholic I buy, I must Now how can I pay

This post is written by Leticia Franco, who studied journalism at the Art School of Journalism, Radio and Television. For her, the issue of finance is new but it looks very interesting. He considers that we usually think that the issue is less: THOUGHT WRONG.

Currently he works in a credit repair in the area of support to address. Leticia gives us an interesting reflection that is worth reading.

These sad, shopping, acquire debts and depressed by now how you pay?

“As a child I looked at the shop windows and saw another world, one dream, where things were perfect; adult women got what they wanted, they were beautiful as princesses or fairies, did not need money! Had magic cards and I wanted to, I never imagined it would end with twelve “Rebecca Bloomwood, a journalist.

Buy, must now how I pay? Confessions of a Shopaholic

The protagonist of the film for purchases Loca, Rebecca Bloomwood is a young journalist, shopaholic, feels an impressive need for them; despite their efforts to control their consumer impulses, he fails; and so often succumb to temptation, and debts begin to become a serious threat.

The problem of debts goes so far as to do a list with the name of each of your creditors, in order to continue with the same lie as each one owes them a different excuse. Not that I do not want to pay, but their debts exceed their ability to pay.

Our character thinks, “A store always smells good, a store can awaken a passion for things that do not even know you needed; and when your fingers touch those shiny new bags not interested any more!”

“It is normal to buy a jacket but when bought five at once and in my closet I have many more, some unused, this behavior is framed as an addiction , “said psychologist Margarita Mercedes Marulanda consulted by the magazine The .

Rebecca, the character in the film for purchases Loca, is a mirror of many women in real life: How many times have we felt joy when we buy something new, but distressed to see the number of debts acquired in the afternoon unleashed shopping? Surely many.

Symptoms of a shopaholic who can end up in debt:

  • When I’m depressed, I usually go shopping.
  • Spending money I do not have on things that do not need.
  • I feel emotion when buying and then invades my fault.
  • I buy things with credit cards that do not buy if you had to pay cash.
  • I keep buying even when I have large debts.
  • My addiction has caused me to buy labor issues, family, financial or personal.

The debts are not the result of banality it?

Perhaps for many the shopping because of depression is a minor issue and be seen as a banality; however, this involves many problems; one and very important are the debts that we acquire according to the problem arrived at the financial meltdown, the dreaded overhang.

How not to get to this state? It would be worth asking if only because of the depression or the little financial education we have about it, which leads to the tragic issue of debts.

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