Saving in Gold vs. Investing in Gold


This wonderful, precious metal comes with a long history and a fitting reputation. While it’s no longer idolized to the extent it once was, it still maintains the image of wealth, influence, and power as its essence. Thanks to the modern ways of life, gold is no longer the sole or the primary currency used in transactions, or for growing your savings. With the digital world on the rise, and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it’s no wonder that even the most traditional of investors are considering other forms of investment instead of staying loyal to gold.

However, if there is a single quality this metal possesses that helps it stand the test of time and remain a valid saving as well as investing opportunity, that is its enduring value. Gold affects other currencies, as well as a wide range of transactions that occur on the global scale, precisely because it cannot be diluted and the supply is far from endless.

To that end, many investors rely on this precious metal to drive the prices of their desired currency, or in fact to have a “safety net” of secure savings in the form of gold.

Golden security

Before you decide whether or not gold is a good option as your own personal investment, you should have a basic understanding of how this metal is perceived on a wider economic scale. A glance back at the global economic crisis that befell the world merely ten years ago, and you can understand how a single event can affect world-wide financial stability. In such situations, owning gold as a form of financial protection makes for a wise investment, for banks as well as individuals.

Every time a particular currency plummets in value, banks and investors resort to hard assets, such as gold, whose value remains relatively stable, and serves as an excellent “cushion” for any economic blow. Whenever there’s an inflation on the horizon or the banking system suffers a crisis, gold owners have the upper hand.

Diversifying your investment with gold

For those who are looking into various investment options in order to make a profit and add an edge to their portfolio, gold truly is one of the best options you can look into. Considering the fact that there are limited supplies of actual, physical gold, you can instead invest into gold stocks of gold mining companies whose reputations you can trust.

That way, you may not possess actual, physical gold, but unlike the fickle nature of regular paper currencies, the relatively stable value of gold provides an excellent source of profit with high transaction fees. This eliminates the risk of holding physical gold, while offering you the many perks of owning gold-based shares.

Making your own gold mine

On the other hand, gold has been used for centuries as the preferred savings currency among the wealthiest people, as well as the nations of the world. With an established value that doesn’t fluctuate so heavily as printed currencies, gold offers a perfect method of saving through physical ownership – even if a crisis ensues, you’ll have a strong currency to rely on that no bank can control, let alone print.

Whether you wish to have your personal emergency fund, or pass it on to your children, owning gold bullion whether in the shape of bars or coins is the best way to diversify your savings. As a finite, yet highly valued metal, you can rest assured that no matter how wildly other currencies fluctuate, gold will always retain a high value.

Time your buy

Much like with any other asset, investing in gold can be well-timed so that you spend as little as possible on an investment that will continue to rise in value in the future. That means that buying gold is best when its value is at its lowest, or when the currency to which it is tied starts losing its value. For instance, if you hold a currency other than the US dollar, which steadily declines in value, then gold becomes significantly more inexpensive for those who pay with other currencies.

It may be a temporary vicious cycle for the dollar in this particular instance, but those who are looking to invest in gold need to monitor the fluctuating trends of global currencies and take advantage of the shifting market prices.

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