Recruitment Express in cetesdirecto

Recruitment Express in cetesdirecto

Last week I had the opportunity to share with you my experience of investing in cetesdirecto. And I was to tell them about the new benefits and features that have been added gradually since the platform was launched, as well as areas of opportunity that I believe are maintained.

With the post I published on the passing of Steve Jobs that promise had to postpone this week. But before platicarles of other benefits, I told them about a new feature that was launched during the previous week, and they certainly make it much easier access to the entire population.

Recruitment Express in cetesdirecto

One of the main constraints and even generated a lot of misinformation between people and through media, was that the online recruitment process necessarily required to sign the contract electronically, using the FIEL (Advanced Electronic Signature). And in a country where unfortunately more than a third of the economy is informal, formal sector do not pay taxes (so does informally through “bribes”, etc.) this means that most people do not They have it.

Clear: in that case you could go to a branch authorized to BANSEFI signing the contract. But there is no truly national coverage through this institution, and the branch network is not the most extensive in the country.

With the recruitment Express cetesdirecto this problem is solved.

Simply we fill our personal data, and voila. To send any document (or official identification or proof of address) is not even necessary. Nothing.

Now, one of the immediate question that arises from this is the issue of money laundering. You do not even have to send our identification cup through the system How can you control this? Is it even legal?

Well yes. When one uses the recruitment Express cetesdirecto has a limitation: you can not fund your contract over 3,000 UDIs per month (about 13,700 pesos to date). Something like $ 1.000 monthly.

Apart from that the whole operation is done through a bank account in our name.As one can see there are few people who have a big saving capacity. 99% of Mexicans could not make deposits above this amount – except for those who may already have a certain amount saved more than that.

In this case, one can deposit your monthly contract the maximum amount allowed by Express cetesdirecto recruitment or use any of the other schemes (contract with the FIEL or go to a Banjercito Bansefi or authorized).

It is also important to mention that when using the Express cetesdirecto recruitment, you have access to other benefits of the platform. Such as automatic reinvestment functionality, and recurring savings.

Tools that certainly are important, little by little, go by our “stash” and we used to go save quickly, easily, without having to do anything and almost without feeling.

In particular, I am very happy because cetesdirecto not only gives access to the entire population to invest in government securities on the same terms as the big local and international investors.

It is also an innovative platform and to some extent with revolutionary features that are not offered by any financial institution in our country. And that is something very important and deserves, on this occasion, an important people within the Federal Government are very professionally dedicated to this project recognition. With all that it shows have been launched with a great commitment to it. I wish things were made so good in others: this would be a very different country.

But hey: no one should be conformist, should also make constructive criticism. And even with all the benefits, cetesdirecto has areas of opportunity in my view. I’ll talk about them in the following posts.

What do you think of contracting scheme in cetesdirecto Express?

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