Preparing A Surprise Independence Day Trip

Okay, you are guilty.  You went and planned your Independence Day holiday down to the finest detail, scheduling the drive and setting up the rooms for your family.  You even mapped out the drive, plotting it so that the kids would get to see some great natural sights like the Space Coast and the Suwannee River while driving your way down to the Magic Kingdom.  Best of all, it was going to be a surprise – not even your wife would know where you all were headed until you were well on your way.

And that was where you realized the mistake.  Because it was to be a surprise you’d completely forgotten to get any genuine gear, dress items or clothes for either the kids or adults to wear that shows your destination.  Of course, you could buy them when you got there so the kids could show they’ve been to Disneyworld.   But they wouldn’t have anything to wear on their way to the doggone place, and getting them something during the days before leaving would ruin the surprise you carefully planned while you were supposedly doing detailed legal research.  So how will you remedy this situation?

Fortunately, you can take advantage of a Groupon promo code to purchase genuine Disney wear online.  The Disney Store is currently having its biannual sale, so many of their most popular items are available at 50% off when purchased with the appropriate Groupon coupons.  And you can buy them online, then pack them away in your car where they can stay safely hidden until you’re way down the highway.  Then, after you are far from home and tired of everyone – even your wife – asking for the umpteenth time “Daddy, where are we going?” you can pull over to a rest stop, get something to drink, and hand out the individual items to each one to wear when you arrive triumphantly at the hotel for your Independence Day visit to Disney World.  You can even be dressed like Donald and Daisy Duck arriving ready to check the place out.  You just have to make your purchases in time for your departure, and you can easily qualify for free shipping.

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