Piggo use for your goals in 2015

Piggo use for your goals in 2015

In this post I want to share how you can use Piggo to achieve our financial goals.

Now we are being finished the first month of 2015 and that means that many people already forgot their New Year’s resolutions . Or at least that’s what the statistics tell us. I hope it’s not your case – and if it is there is much you can do to get back on track and achieving them.

Use Piggo for your irregular expenses

Those who read my review of Piggo written the day of its official release, probably noticed that it is a tool that has excited me. And he was using and testing – from months before.

Among them I wanted to use Piggo for a way to schedule some irregular expenditure as paying my property taxes. Target which incidentally caught recently. Father do not know what it feels like not only reach the target, but also know that my cash flow will not be affected this month. Here a picture.

I could use Piggo to set aside money to other irregular expenses – Rule 2 of YNAB I explained in this post – such as my annual insurance premium.

But we can also use Piggo to achieve other financial goals, perhaps more ambitious.

Piggo use for your goals in 2015

We can also use Piggo very simple way to achieve the financial goals we have set ourselves for 2015. Since create an emergency fund, to save for our next vacation, to buy a car for a wedding among many other things.

To illustrate how easy it is to use Piggo – create a goal and achieve it – I thought about creating this video which I also put on my YouTube channel . With him officially inaugurated and hope to provide useful content regularly to all my readers.

Piggo is a platform that I like and for months I use in my daily life. This post reflects my personal opinion on the product and has not received any payment for writing. My recommendation is honest and selfless. This post includes links to Piggo custom.

If you open your account through them, you and I received a gift of 100 pesos for one of our objectives, which we credited once you open your account and you deposit a minimum of 1,000 pesos. You win and I win. Would that take advantage: you help me step and also helps to achieve some goal.

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