Learn to Make a Budget – New Guide Condusef

Learn to Make a Budget - New Guide Condusef

Learn to Make a Budget: A tool to achieve your goals is a guide recently published by Condusef, which recently came into my hands.

As my readers know, I ‘ve been critical of publications Condusef because although they are informative, often do not reach the people. Some are too simplistic, and others try to explain concepts on a daily basis should have, from my point of view, a more formal treatment. Criticism has always sought to be constructive.

This time I can say that the Guide Learn how to make a budget quite liked it. Especially because it starts with the most important: determine our goals and objectives as well as the amount that we need to save to reach them. Issue that I think is fundamental, because as I’ve said, our objectives are always the starting point.

I like that more than a third of the Guide is devoted to this topic as an essential part of building our budget.

But that is not all. The Guide Learn how to make a budget also gives us essential concepts of our income and expenses, and recognizes that there are no fixed rules but a budget should be based on our particular needs.

The Guide Learn how to make a budget speaks also of irregular expenditure and separate each fortnight suggests a game for those expenses. As in Rule 2 of YNAB. It also tells us that saving is not what is left over each month, but a fixed amount that we include in our budget (pay us ourselves first). And if that were not enough, he speaks of the importance of an emergency fund.

The Guide Learn how to make a budget also teaches us to take our personal balance , to project our budget to a year to find sporadic income and expenses, personal expenses not mix with our business (if you have one).

Overall, Learn to Make a Budget: A Tool for Achieving Your Goals I think a very good contribution Condusef. You can find it here.

What I did not like

In general, as I mentioned, Learn how to make a budget is a guide rather well done. However, there are some things I did not like.

For example: on page 7 we read that as for our long-term goals, the best advice is to invest in higher yielding Afore offer us. This seems to me, again, an overly simplistic solution and not necessarily suitable to all kinds of people (certainly not for me).

On the other hand, a consistent omission in the documents published by Condusef is the concept of the real rate, the importance of our money not lose purchasing power.

Finally, for long-term goals (such as our retreat) Guide Learn how to make a budget omits introduce a way to calculate the monthly savings required to achieve them. I understand that this is an issue that could be a bit more complicated, but at least he could have referred to any online calculator published by the same Condusef, or by Consar.

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