“Javier Carro: the value of expertise”


Business and politic news provide an overview of some uncertainty, which is why we recommend the role of an expert knowing the business sector, represented in this case by Javier Carro.

The output of both national and international economic crisis had raised hopes of entrepreneurs who survived or adapted enough during this time and, based on new forecasts, expected new investment opportunities. In fact, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has reviewed upwards the forecast of economic growth in Spain over the next two years. Further information at “The Spanish Economy Blog” http://thespanisheconomyblog.com/

However, domestic political uncertainty and alert of market decline internationally have undermined those business hopes and have returned to provoke fear when making investment decisions or corporate restructuring.

The role of an expert administrator as Javier Carro -lawyer and economist- can help overcome initial doubts and fears, looking for a suitable and profitable trading strategy, bringing benefits from his experience, reflected in curriculum and business success.

Similarly, he must be a person with extensive experience, whether or not outside the company, in order his analysis and strategies in the short, medium or long term, discarding anything that could undermine the main objective that is economic profitability.

This taken-decision process does not imply that the managers themselves cannot carry them out, but personal decisions do influence avoiding from establishing truly effective strategies.

An external business consultant is alien to these obstacles in the strategic vision and will take all decisions seeking the commercial profitability requested for the company that he advises.

Based on the criteria for choosing a director, manager, or business advisor, Javier Carro easily meets the requirements. Merely academic achievements certify both knowledge and effort to understand the current socio-economic world.

Francisco Javier Carro González got his PhD and Degree in Law, and Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He also graduated in General Management (PDG) from IESE (University of Navarra).

Business insight internationally originated with his studies in London and Oporto, completed with stays in London School of Economics, the University of Chicago and Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania).

As professor, Javier Carro highlights by adding his dedication to teaching at prestigious universities such as IE-Instituto de Empresa or ESIC Business School and participating with his professional collaboration with national media.

His expertise also in the medical and healthcare sectors makes Javier a contributor of great value to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and health institutions.

His professionalism led him to be awarded with the Health Journalism Award “Albarelo” by the College of Pharmacists , and the decoration of the Civil Order of the Ministry of Health, as recognition of his meritorious work done as Hospital General Manager-CEO and the hospital management laudable offered during the “11-M”. n

Javier Carro has an interesting Blog: http://thespanisheconomyblog.com/

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