How to learn Economy and Finance changed my outlook on life?

How to learn Economy and Finance changed my outlook on life

In January 2008, my wife Monica and I were signing the mortgage on our floor, unknowingly, we change his life.

On September 15 of that year, Lehman Brothers announced the largest bankruptcy in history so far. Nothing would ever be the same.

And we in destitution. Without thinking and driven by public opinion. Renting is throwing money, you better buy. How many times have I heard, and I keep hearing that phrase.

The prices asked by housing, we looked normal, as was the market. So we went where we liked. An exorbitant price to 40 years. And the interest on the clouds. Almost 6% came to pay.

In addition, the bank intervening played us. He said that with the amount she had calculated was enough to take away a loan and so we had to stay only with the letter of the mortgage. And it turned out to be a lie. So we are left with the loan and mortgage.

There I learned that the bank are not your friends. And I had to learn Finance to not play again unto me.

The financial freedom was, and still is, my obsession. Why when you have free debts are not. Do not flatter yourself. You are in the hands of the bank. So I started to read books and watch videos of Economics, personal finance, personal development and entrepreneurship.

As Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Ramsey, Daniel Lacalle, Juan Ramon Rallo youtube or classes of Professor Jesús Huerta de Soto and Arturo Damm of Mexico.

I knew that being employed never advance in life. He wanted to be free, to have my time and devote myself to what I like. And with a job that is impossible.

I needed a plan B to part of my job.

For this, I am trained as a financial advisor to help people manage their finances. And to not make the mistakes I made. Even if he had not committed, my story would be different.

If I had to give 10 tips on my experience, it would be these:

  • Be yourself. That’s your most distinguishing feature. Do not compete to be the same as others.
  • There is nothing more sacred than freedom. Do not sell it, having material things that do not fill your life.
  • Watch your finances. Take, take off your debts as soon as possible and invest.
  • Learn and form yourself. Each day will be more valuable and that will result in revenue sooner or later.
  • Help others and others will help you. Give what people want. That is the secret of wealth.
  • Doubt everything they tell you. Study it and then make your own decisions.
  • The bank is not your friend. It is not your job to get rich. Its function is to capture savings and sell expensive cheap.
  • Copy of big investors like Warren Buffett. Buy shares of solid companies that distributed dividends at a good price. Value investing.
  • Crises are the best time to invest. You can buy very cheap companies. It’s like going on sale. However, we do the opposite. We buy cheap and sell expensive.
  • Enjoy and thanks for what you have. And working for your dreams every day.
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