How to Appeal a Sex Offense Conviction

sex offense

Being convicted of any crime is a massive problem in our society, because it can have an impact on the rest of your life. But being convicted of a sex crime is even more serious, because sex offenders are often put on a registry. This means they are marked for life, which can impact the places where they are allowed to live, the places where they can work and the areas where they are allowed to socialize and spend their time. If you firmly believe that you are innocent of the charges you were convicted for, it is time to file an appeal.

With the help of Houston sex offense attorney Tad A. Nelson, you can go through the process of filing an appeal and trying to regain control over your life. Individuals who are convicted of a sexual assault or sexual offense are able to file an appeal through the appropriate courts. But the only way you can successfully file and win an appeal is with the assistance of a proper lawyer. If you happened to lose your case in the first round, you probably do not want to stick with the same attorney for your appeal.

Hiring a new attorney can not only give your case a set of fresh eyes, but it can also present you with the opportunity to use strategies that your previous attorney did not think about. But there are some limits to what is and is not allowed in the appeals process for sexual offenses. It is not possible to raise issues in the appeal that were not raised at trial. For example, if your new defense team believes that evidence was mishandled by the police, but this point was never raised by your previous lawyers, it may not be possible to use the argument in your appeal.

The most common issues that attorneys will raise in the appeals process include rulings to allow or disallow evidence, rulings on any pre-trial motions, how the jury was comprised in the original case, the types of instructions that were given to the jury and any arguments against the claims made by the prosecution team during the original trial. The appeals process is tricky, because judges are not likely to reverse the decision of the court before them, unless they are given a compelling reason to do so. This is why you will need the best possible lawyer on your side during the appeal.

If you were recently convicted of a sex crime, you probably know that your name is going on the sex offender registry. This is one of the most painful parts of being convicted of these crimes, especially if you maintain your innocence during the whole process. But with the help of an experienced sex offense attorney, you stand the best possible chance of getting your conviction overturned in the appeals court.

If your conviction has already gone through, you do not have any time to waste. Contact a lawyer today and see how they can help you.

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