Handling the Monetary Aspect of Ending Your Marriage


It goes without saying that it is easier and more affordable for people to get married than divorced. While a marriage certificate from the county and state may cost you less than $100, a divorce can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars by the time it is finished.

Because of this significant expense, many people choose to stay in marriages that they are unhappy in rather than file for divorce. They fear that they cannot afford to pay for their legal expenses and have any money left to live on after the case is settled. When you need or want out of your marriage for any reason, however, you may be able to plan now and afford to your resulting expenses by using online resources from law firms, Divorce Angels, domestic abuse organizations, and other entities that help you move on with your life.

Confronting the Financial Details of Divorce

When you were first married, you might have forgone working outside of the home in favor of raising a family. Your spouse may be your family’s sole or primary breadwinner.

Because you have little to no money of your own, you may find it galling to think about filing for divorce. You realize that you have very little financial security on which to rely as a newly single person.

However, you may be convinced to proceed with the divorce by using financial resources on the website. Using the options provided to you, you can select the financial limit that matches what you have in the bank or investments right now. The website will then provide you with a list of financial planners who can help you organize and safeguard your finances during and after the divorce.

Legalities of Divorce

Depending on your situation, you might be entitled to alimony and child support from the spouse you are divorcing. However, your spouse may have lawyers working for him or her to skirt this obligation or keep the payments as low as possible.

The website provides you with legal resources that you can use to secure legal representation in court. Your lawyer can file your petition for support and make sure the amounts are fair and adequate to support you and your household in the future.

You also might need legal help filing for a restraining order or protection from abuse order from the spouse. The website will walk you through this process and connect you with lawyers from your area who can assist with this important legal task.

Protecting Your Assets

While the court prioritizes caring for the vulnerable spouse in a divorce, the judge also has a legal obligation to be fair during the case. He or she cannot give away all of your money or assets out of spite.

When you have money and property that you want to protect during the case, you likewise may need legal and financial help with this task. The website can provide you with information on retaining financial planning services that will safeguard your wealth and ensure that any premarital assets are not considered in the decree.

This assistance can be particularly important for protecting your retirement and pension funds. You might have been adding to these accounts well before you got married. Your spouse may not be able to lay claim to some or all of the funds.

The website provides you with details you need to protect these accounts. You have the right to retain wealth that you worked hard to build and that you have no legal responsibility to share with the ex-spouse.

Socializing after Divorce

The old adage of once bitten, twice shy may come to mind when you think about dating or socializing with anyone after your divorce. Even so, at some point you may be so lonely that you are ready to get out and meet new people.

The website has resources for socializing and building trust in others after a nasty divorce. Using this information, you could avoid the same mistakes that you made during your marriage and learn how to build and forge new and healthy relationships with others again.

Divorce can be an expensive, complicated, and anxious undertaking. You may not know how to afford it or how to rebuild your life afterward. You can get started with filing and protecting your finances by using resources found on the website today. These resources come at no cost and can put you in contact with attorneys and financial planners who can assist you now.

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