Future strategies for the digital marketing

Future strategies for the digital marketing

Every day we realize how fast things are changing in the digital world. When we seem to be adapted to it, it begins to evolve again and we must be alert to these changes.

Companies, today, would not understand their business without online presence not only to publicize their products and services but also to enhance the acquisition and retention of customers.

Therefore, to achieve this, it is essential to use a multitude of tools offered by online marketing.

The future of digital marketing is uncertain although the predictions are not lacking in this respect as we approach the end of another year. The question sounds more during this last stage of 2015 is what gives us the digital revolution? How it will evolve next year? There are already some studies like the one conducted by Forbes to give a series of clues about these issues.

The investment in advertising by SMEs has been increasing over time due to the good results generated by it. Next year the protagonist in this area will be the video. Google already includes video ads with search results, which suggests that it will be one of the most important changes at this level in 2016.

Marketing meanwhile, the Mobile will take much stronger next year thanks to the transformation of the web. The forecasts are very good and that could turn out to be more important than the computer itself as everything related to web traffic will focus on mobile.

Closely linked to this are the applications that will be increasingly important to reinforce the brand image of SMEs.

Brands increase their online presence with increased participation in social networks and special care that the content they generate are of high quality. Will increasingly interaction between companies and users and the ability of these to get a trusting relationship that allows them to increase both the number of customers as final sales.

The Internet of Things is a concept that takes a lot of strength and that forecasts already indicate that in 2020 there are more than 50,000 million objects connected by everyone and constantly sending data without human intervention.

This concept joins that of augmented reality. Although it is a bit early to define the success of this strategy, it seems that in the coming years it will all brands present in their methods Loyalty.

An example is Ikea catalog that allows you to see how would the furniture in your house.

At the moment, all these developments are mere predictions of what will happen in the future of digital marketing but what is clear is that if SMEs want to see the success of their brands will come true to start thinking about adapting their strategies to these new concepts.

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