Financial Education for Our Children

Financial Education for Our Children

Today I received my email the news that T. Rowe Price (one of the major operators of investment funds in the United States) had taken a free book of financial education for our children. I immediately started researching and found that it is much more than that. And I liked what I saw, so that the I talk.

They did a whole website called “T. Rowe Price Family Center “in order that parents can help our kids to be smarter about your money. On that page you can download the e-book of activities called ” Journey to your dream goal , “which I thought was excellent.

The topics include:

  • How to set a goal?
  • Spend and save wisely
  • Inflation
  • Asset allocation
  • Diversification

And it does so fun, like a game.

In addition, on that page we can find some videos, but mostly true stories of people who share with their children lessons in life. Many of them are interesting and worth.

But the concept does not stop there: development of a game called “The Great Piggy Bank Adventure “in association with Disney, which is available both online and in Innoventions, Epcot Center, Disney World.

This is a great example of a serious effort on financial education, which should learn – much. With a clear, educational, interesting and objective content. Well thought. And socially responsible.

I encourage all of you to take a look – you can learn a lot.I wish we could have in Mexico, financial institutions, associations or the government itself, as well efforts made and containing profound truth. Encimita they not as sometimes try to teach these concepts.

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