Do not go into debt in the end good

Do not go into debt in the end good

The Good Weekend is sold in Mexico as “the cheaper weekend of the year” although from my point of view it is not necessarily.

In previous editions I’ve noticed that the discounts are very similar to those offered at night or liquidation sales. Although many department stores advertise ” up to 50% off “actually having that level of discount is only very selected merchandise and failed to sell.

Instead what we do are abundant credit facilities. Many months interest: 18, 24 or more (I’ve seen up to 48 in some cases). This means that there are still people who continue to pay what they bought in the success two or three years ago.

Do you get the picture? When you buy a month interest you are committing your cash flow (your future income), not money you can use for other things because you have to pay what they already bought.

But besides psychologically are an invitation to go into debt more. Why? Simply because people think that the allowance will have to pay for that purchase, but do not add other purchases, also months without interest, they did that day (or the day before). The surprise occurs when the statement arrives and problems.

Remember: there is no spend. It is smart to do, namely:

  • Buy only things you really need.
  • With significant discounts (they are real deals).
  • Very important: we can pay.

In this way we will draw all the benefits of the success without the problems you can also result.

Some recommendations for the success

Think about what you need and you will buy.

Check the price in advance – you can do it easily on the microsite of the success of the PROFECO and use the tool Who’s who in prices? This also lets you know if there is a real discount on what you are offering.

Compare – at least if you go to a mall looking for the same product in different places to make sure you are taking advantage of the best promotion.

Not seeing you stay at the mall alia: just what you. Remember that we are human and specializes in marketing tempt us.

Attend the first day of the success any more. Do not go to others.

Why the first day? Simply, if you see something that you like and feel the need to buy on impulse, you can stop. You can always go back (which does not happen if you were the last day). Go home, think about it, do numbers and if you still want it, at least you will have made a conscious decision.

The rest of the weekend avoids malls. Many places in the city will have fewer people than usual, so take advantage of it to spend beautiful days with your family or know more in your city.

If you buy a month interest, because you can not pay cash item, choose the least amount possible, so as not to compromise too long your cash flow.

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