Consulting and Coaching in Personal Finance

Businessman Crossing the Finish Line --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Businessman Crossing the Finish Line — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Now you can have a personalized financial plan, with virtual consultations from the comfort of your home at times convenient for you. And with a resolution of the questions you may have through twitter, facebook and email.

The coaching process in Personal Finance is fully focused on support you achieve your goals and objectives:

We focus first to see how your personal and financial situation today and your attitudes about money. From your own values, define the goals you have, that is: What do you want to accomplish with your money?

We see together your consumption patterns (How to spend the money?) And what is your ability to save. From this we build a budget to help you precisely focus on your goals: what you really matters.

If you have short-term debts (credit cards, personal loans or car), first we make a plan to address them before going into savings.

We also see how you should invest your money to achieve each of your goals. We talked about your risk tolerance and we are building an investment portfolio and to understand perfectly suits your needs.

No financial plan would be complete without addressing the way you protect your assets: review how are insured (a) and if you have policies covering your protection needs. I want to clarify that I am not insurance agent and I will not sell any product, so you have the security of having a totally objective and impartial judgment.

Everything we’re driving like a chat between friends via Skype or GTalk.


Initial Diagnostic Questionnaire which includes information about your lifestyle and your current financial situation is carried out.

Also I am sending you a confidentiality agreement about your information. In some cases additional information is requested to clarify some concepts.

Based on it, I’ll design a proposal for personal financial plan according to your goals, which include all the above issues.This proposal is sent to you by email for your review.

If you agree with the proposal, the first session agendamos payment of the same. In this first session you explain more about the plan, doubts are resolved and the program starts.

Also at all times, if you doubt arises, you’ll ask me questions and inquiries electonico via email, twitter or facebook.

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