A Warning About Buying Penny Stocks


Penny stocks are, as the name suggests, stocks that trade for a few pennies. Technically, a penny stock is any stock whose price is less than $5, but it is usually used for stocks that are a few cents or a little more than a dollar. No matter the classification, […]

How To Choose Companies To Buy Stocks


The stock market can be confusing and complicated for most everyday investors. However, it is also true that wise investments in stocks can give big returns. Stock markets almost always beat simpler forms of investment and are increasingly ahead of inflation, which means you will end up with more value […]

A great benefit for your employees

A talk or Personal Finance course is a provision thank your employees, and you help them better manage their income and take advantage of better performance. Thus they generate much loyalty and increase commitment. All are taught with the same clear language, simple and direct that we handle here. Some […]

Trading Terminology 101: What Are Securities?


Becoming a trader can sometimes feel like you’re taking up a second language. There is a lot of terminology in this industry, which means you should really make a point out of learning as much of it as possible whenever you can. Start today by reading about securities, it’s a […]

Basics to make good financial decisions

Make good financial decisions it is something that should not be that hard. In fact, as I wrote in this post, our judgment is based. In that sense, my financial decisions always been guided by a basic principle: if I’m not sure what I want to do, I do. I […]

Systematic risk and unsystematic

In my previous post, “The Many Faces of Risk”, I mentioned that the market risk can be divided into two: the systematic risk and unsystematic. However, I made clear that both concepts describe them in a future post, in order to not lose track of the main issue was dealing […]

How not to make money decisions?

Many times I’ve been terrified of people taking money decisions without knowing what they are doing. Or who they speak without knowing what they say. Almost daily I receive my email where people confuse, for example, banks or even insurance Afores that offer retirement plans. Or savings to operators of […]

Reflections on Forex

Once I wrote in this space about the Forex it is a way to speculate on the exchange rate between different currencies. It has been said many times that the exchange market is the world’s largest and most liquid, but as I always said, you have to put things in […]

Starting a business has its challenges

Starting a business or own business is not easy, but if we do it right, can be one of the best decisions of his life. Many people want to do but do not know how. This leads them down the wrong path, based on trial and error, which rarely works. […]

Advantages of payroll accounts

The payroll accounts are essentially a traditional bank account, but has several advantages. Some banks offer payroll who have accounts with them additional products and services with greater benefits that are not available for regular customers. 1. Lower commissions Most banks eliminate commissions or income in payroll accounts to receive […]