Tips for Construction Site Safety

construction safety

The construction industry has long had a reputation of notoriety due to hazards and accidents that occur on site. These tragic events, apart from being life-threatening, bring forth various financial problems, operational setbacks and HR headaches. Yet, things are moving in the right direction: we have stricter regulations, higher awareness […]

Auto Discounts Endorsed by the Law


If you drive, auto insurance is an unavoidable expense. However, there are steps you can take to help avoid paying too much for your insurance coverage. The fact is, auto insurance prices can differ by hundreds of dollars, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to cut your premiums […]

Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance


You probably think of auto insurance as just another bill you have to pay, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Think you’re immune from a car crash just because you haven’t had one yet? Counting on invincibility when you’re on the road is probably not the smartest […]

Seven Travel Insurance Tips for Your Next Vacation

Vacation time is always a good time or at least should be if we see it from my standpoint. Saving money all year round to give my family some worry-free days of leisure, makes my efforts worth it but, what if something goes wrong while traveling? Accidents are unpredictable, but […]

Piggo use for your goals in 2015

In this post I want to share how you can use Piggo to achieve our financial goals. Now we are being finished the first month of 2015 and that means that many people already forgot their New Year’s resolutions . Or at least that’s what the statistics tell us. I […]

What not to do an insurance agent

People who read me know that I firmly believe that the support and advice of a good insurance agent is essential. I have many good friends who are insurance agents and are happy to be, because they know their work will open the eyes of many people, help them to […]