Crapo Sponsored Banking Bill Moves Ahead


A banking bill that Mike Crapo put under his wing in the Senate has moved ahead again, coming closer to becoming a reality during the Trump administration. The bill allows for several different outcomes that adjust the way that banks do business with the Federal Reserve so that different sizes […]

Do you want to become debt-free? Here is what you need to do


We all aspire to be free of debt but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Unforeseen emergencies, bad habits, and poor investment decisions have put individuals and businesses into precarious financial positions thereby forcing them to take loans some of which are unregulated. Such loans may help individuals and […]

5 Things Lenders Inspect before proceeding

business loan provider

Getting any business started is no easy task. The old adage, “it takes money to make money,” is a vital truth when starting a business – especially if you’re operating the smallest of smallest business – what we call today as micro businesses. You know it, banks won’t finance what […]

How undertaken in times of crisis

Recall a little the international economic environment that we live in (almost) the last decade: firstly, the mortgage crisis subprime detonated in the United States in 2007- 2008 and extended to industry and all the financial sector of the country; then the “transmutation” of the crisis in sovereign debt problem […]

Automate your savings is easy!

In the previous article we saw how to organize our personal finances in three steps (and a half). In it, we find that the most important tip is to organize accounts have a long-term savings. However, how can we shape it? First of all, we must understand that the long-term […]

Financial Education for Our Children

Today I received my email the news that T. Rowe Price (one of the major operators of investment funds in the United States) had taken a free book of financial education for our children. I immediately started researching and found that it is much more than that. And I liked […]

Our Presidential Debate and Personal Finance

Although this post will discuss the presidential debate, clarified that this blog is not about politics, and was never intended to be. It was not my objective here to compare proposals, offers and reviews of the various candidates and others involved in public life. That is the responsibility of specialized […]

Investing in buyouts – a foolproof strategy?

Investing in buyouts

When you hear the term ‘buyout’ mentioned, it might conjure up visions of a struggling company’s management and staff getting together to buy it in an attempt to keep their jobs and replace an incompetent owner or board of directors. However, more often than not, a buyout is more likely […]

How will the Greek crisis ultimately affect the Euro?

Greece Issue

The first question to ask is; how long does a crisis have to last before it stops being a crisis and starts being simply the way things are? That must be the way the people of Greece are feeling round about now. As they ready themselves for another referendum on […]