Reasons You Must Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney


In the current economy, the number of people struggling financially is on the rise. Everyone is either looking for ways to save money or trying to catch up on their bills. Many are choosing to file for bankruptcy since they have finally come to the realization that they are deep […]

Consumer Bankruptcy

What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows an individual or a business get a debt relief. The ultimate goal of bankruptcy is to give the individual or business a fresh financial start while being fair to creditors. How can a consumer file bankruptcy? There are two ways […]

Do not go into debt in the end good

The Good Weekend is sold in Mexico as “the cheaper weekend of the year” although from my point of view it is not necessarily. In previous editions I’ve noticed that the discounts are very similar to those offered at night or liquidation sales. Although many department stores advertise ” up […]

3 Reasons To Choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Some economists say the recession is over, but many Americans are still struggling to feed their families while paying creditors. For some of these consumers, bankruptcy may be the only viable option. But before declaring Chapter 7 or liquidation bankruptcy, consider these three reasons to choose partial debt repayment under […]

Save yourself from being dragged to the court

avoiding bankruptcy

According to recent reports, low interest rates and consumer spending are predicted to continue influencing a decline in bankruptcy filings. As per data from the American Bankruptcy Institute and Epiq Systems Inc, the total bankruptcy filings in the United States of America decreased by 15% in May, 2014 over the […]

Should Needy Seniors Be Given Help?


My time as a bankruptcy counselor allowed me to hear a lot of stories of what people were going through and how they got to the point of bankruptcy. For the most part it was sad stories with people that were older and just didn’t have the money to support […]