Asbestos Remains A Problem Today


It’s been common knowledge since the 1970’s that asbestos poses a serious health risk. Exposure to the mineral that was once commonly contained in building materials, usually through breathing in particles from it, often leads to lung diseases, including a cancer known as mesothelioma. You may think that the risk of coming into contact is low now that we’re into the 21st century. Unfortunately, it’s still possible to be exposed to the carcinogen, as well as to develop health issues now due to past exposure long ago. Keep reading to learn just why asbestos remains a problem today.

Delayed Symptoms

Health symptoms related to asbestos exposure don’t show up right away. It takes approximately ten years before some lung diseases occur. Patients may not discover symptoms related to cancers affecting the lungs like mesothelioma for thirty years or more after being exposed. Once they do, the disease is usually quite advanced.

Current Use

Asbestos is not used in nearly the number of products as it once was; however, there are some things that are still made containing the mineral. Some hard tiles for flooring and insulation for heating systems contain asbestos. A building material used in some structures called transite does, as well. The brakes for various types of vehicles are also made with asbestos.

Natural Asbestos

Asbestos is a natural mineral made up of fibrous crystals that can be blue, green, white or brown in color. If it is undisturbed in the ground, it’s not harmful. However, it can be hazardous when uncovered through digging or even by fragments on the bottoms of shoes.

Renovation of Old Buildings

Workers or homeowners who begin a remodeling project in a structure built between the 1950’s and 1970’s are at risk for asbestos exposure. It’s wise to have buildings inspected by an expert prior to beginning any work. Asbestos must be properly removed and disposed of by someone properly contained in the handling of this toxic material.

The effects of asbestos exposure are great, and the dangers are still present. An individual doesn’t have to be exposed to the substance for long periods. A significant one-time encounter can cause irreversible health effects. You shouldn’t have to face the devastating effects of a health diagnosis due to this threat. There are asbestos cancer lawyers who are knowledgeable and can determine whether it’s possible to receive compensation for your hardship.

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