Are you the next big Copyright Lawyer?


You have just joined law school and are battling to find your way through and at the same time wondering whether becoming a learned fellow has any valuable economic impact on you. Well it does, you just need to be smart and strategic about it. Law is a very broad course with various facets that you can choose from, this is where the blue ocean strategy comes in handy.

One of the basis of choosing a career in law is a good assessment and analysis of the socio-economic environment. This includes understanding the global trends. You need to ensure that you strike a balance between being unique and having your expertise, knowledge and skills being on demand beyond borders. This can be a good start coupled with getting career advice from reputable experts and of course, mentoring and coaching that gives you a major boost.

A global trend that you need to appreciate as a student of law is the ‘technology boom.’ Many societies are experiencing this phenomenon that is largely impacting their economies. This means that with the ‘technology boom’ there is a lot of creation, innovation and inventiveness going on. From a legal perspective, this is a good opportunity especially in a society where the ‘technology boom’ is one of major economic drivers. This is an opportunity for those who think about becoming copyright lawyers. It could be the ideal niche for you.

If you feel that copyright law is an option that you can delve into, then you can assess your personal qualities based on the following criteria:

  1. Are you passionate about copyright law? It is important to understand the basics – copyright law is founded on expressive works. It protects photographers, artists, musicians and writers – people that are into creative works. Determining whether you have a passion for copyright law means that you understand the world of creative works from a legal perspective. You are able to easily fill in the gaps or are intrigued by the legal arguments related to expressive works. Whenever the topic is under discussion on air, you cannot help but get an adrenaline rush because you want to be part of the legal action.
  2. How legally wise and smart are you? For starters, you have to ensure that you are enrolled in the best law schools, this is the building block of your credibility. How best are you able to assess legal matters related to copyright law? What is your performance like? Are you the go-to guy whenever your professor issues assignments related to copyrights? When you speak in class, do people listen and nod in agreement?

Your resilience and adaptability in the job market. One thing that you need to appreciate, if you want to practice copyright law is to use the supply-demand chain rule, run to the big markets where the demand is high and supply low. You should be adaptable enough to practice in markets that are beyond your comfort zone.

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