A great benefit for your employees

A great benefit for your employees

A talk or Personal Finance course is a provision thank your employees, and you help them better manage their income and take advantage of better performance. Thus they generate much loyalty and increase commitment. All are taught with the same clear language, simple and direct that we handle here.

Some companies as part of their benefits incorporate retirement plans, savings plans and employee stock purchase. Many of them are not well communicated or understood by the staff, and so few are those who take advantage of them.

Our talks and courses are totally flexible to the needs of your company and can be adapted to the different alternatives that the company offers to its staff, to build and increase their long-term wealth.

To not distract the normal work of the company, courses or lectures are offered Friday afternoon or on weekends, anywhere in Mexico, either in person or virtual (video).

Additionally, they can be supplemented by individual counseling to certain employees, with or without subsidy of the company.

Organized a talk with your friends

If you are interested in a course, workshop or lecture tailored Personal Finance can be arranged together if five or more of your friends. Individually we can offer you our service of personalized advice and coaching.

Some of our courses and Talks

Following is just one example of the issues that we can offer, however we can design specific courses or talks with the topics that interest you.

What they are and what are the Personal Finance?

In this talk we speak, in clear and simple language, why it is necessary to establish a personal financial plan.

Before embarking on a journey, we need to get to know where we go, where we started, and what is the best route. It’s easy to miss if we try to navigate without a map.

How to develop a personal financial plan?

This is an introductory course for beginners, which teaches us to develop a comprehensive personal financial plan.

It includes the four cardinal points of the Personal Finance:

  • Setting goals and objectives (establish clearly our objectives as a starting point for our financial plan).
  • Creating Heritage (Develop a workable budget and a savings plan in line with the goals and objectives we have set).
  • Growth Equity (invest our money according to our investment horizon and risk tolerance).
  • Heritage Protection (protect against unforeseen or risks that could jeopardize our heritage).

How to make a budget that works?

For many people, make a budget and secured’s almost like dieting: start well but after a few days left to follow. Well, this course will approach simple concepts that allow us to successfully develop a budget, such as:

  • Pay us ourselves first.
  • The zero-sum budget.
  • The methodology applied on the world today.

How to Reduce and Eliminate Your Debt?

Many families have seen their debts grow exponentially as they have used their credit cards as an extension of their income and have fallen into the traps of the minimum payment.

In many cases the debts already represent the largest monthly outflow of many people. This course will show you how to develop a plan to successfully get out of them.

How to Invest Your Money?

In this course we will learn basic concepts of investment:

  • Why is it important to be clear about our goals and investment horizon?
  • What is the risk and how to manage it?
  • What it is to diversify and how we can do so easily?
  • What are investment funds and what are the risks?
  • How to put together a portfolio of suitable investment for me?

Money and Family

It has been found that the main reason couples argue, and eventually break, is precisely money. But need not be.
In this talk or course we discuss how to find, based on values, common goals and establish a plan to achieve them.

Personal Finance Teaching Our Children

Financial education certainly is the best legacy we can leave to our children.

In this talk we will learn simple strategies to teach our young children the importance of saving and investing, and our teenage children, the courage to do.

How to Plan Your Retirement?

In Mexico there are very significant tax advantages that allow us to establish tax-deductible plans with tax-exempt interest and investment.

In this talk we speak from the importance of saving for our retirement, and boarded the great benefits of taking advantage of these tax advantages.

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