4 magical Disney teaches us lessons

4 magical Disney teaches us lessons

Behind the fantasy exists a copy business. See how it works “The happiest place on Earth”.

What is the first thing you think when you hear Disney ? Children? Mickey Mouse? Happiness?

Last week was the “happiest place on earth” and all I could think was “made perfect business”.

Disneyland is not just a place for kids and adults to have fun and eat tons of ice cream or interact with animated characters. Of course that’s what we perceive, but underneath all that magic exists an exemplary management business.

Then I made four observations entrepreneurs I could feel my ride while enjoying the “happiest place on earth”. I will propose some ideas of how to apply these techniques to your business for growth.

1. perfected Systems

I know most do not think of ” systems “when listening to Mickey Mouse, but what would argue if I tell them they just are what make something so incredible Disneyland? That is, repeated, documented and tested systems.

For example, while waiting in the long queue, quartermaster a man stands in front of us to clean up, and as he did, spent about 10 minutes telling a joke to make sure we were entertained. I do not judge her kindness, but let’s face it, this was not a fluke. Disney hired him to just be part of your system.

The same applies to the games, the words used by employees, maintaining the same, the “meet and greet” of the characters, the food served and anything else you can imagine, all part of the business. Each piece of Disney has been perfect and designed to increase customer delight while profits increase.

To think, what are the systems you are using in your business? Are you constantly looking for ways to innovarlos? Recently in my article “The Surprisingly Simple Reason Why You Feel Stressed,” I wrote as the systems are that glue that holds your business together while it focuses on growth. Make an observation protocols your business and ask yourself how could you improve?

2. Intelligent Price

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Disneyland, you know I understand the price structure is somewhat complicated.

There are several options, you can buy tickets for both parks, or just for one day you want. And after having done you can add the benefits of the “Park Hopper” which allows you to visit multiple parks on the same day.

In addition, Disney also offers special packages where you include lodging, visits with animated characters, costumes, princesses and more. A person can spend from $ 100 to thousands of these for a vacation.

So, why the price is so complicated? Why you are not one and you?

Disney knows the diversity of its customers, therefore understands that there are different interests, so it has created a pricing structure that allows maximum profits distributed in the largest number of people. While some go for the cheapest option, others are willing to pay more. Much more.

Your business offers multiple packages? A small percentage of your audience would be willing to pay more for your product or service if you offered more exclusiveness and luxury. So what kind of “Park Hopper” could add to your prices to create a product premium?

3. Appealing to all ages

One of the most interesting things is what Disney is attractive to all audiences. I just turned 30 years and enjoyed my experience. On this trip, my wife and I traveled with another couple for 40 years.

We saw seniors enjoying their adventure. And of course, the kids were having the time of his life.

In other words, Disney is close to all, and all are with Disney as well. How do you?
By the way.

Each element has been carefully designed to look like, young, old, female, grumpy, or happy. It’s amazing the detail of each aspect within the park, no one can get the sounds and sights, Disney is something you really brand.

Look at your business from an outside perspective. Yes, you should have that “ideal client”, but those are not your target demographic could enjoy your company? Find ways to attract more people and watch your income fly to new heights.

4. Finish with a bang

Every night, Disney concluded the day with a fireworks show that ridicules any other event. Literally it ends with a bang.

Because Disney tries to make his client live a magical experience from the moment when it reaches the leaves. In fact, I think it’s fair that last moment that makes people come back year after year.

The report ends with the highest score, causing repeated visits.

Not only you have to focus on first impression. After all, the mediocre businesses also focus on the same. Large companies focus on providing complete printing.

Look at your business and ask yourself do my client say “wow” every step of the process? Or am I causing my clients from leaving?

Remember that you will be easier and cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one, so each experience ends of your business with a bang.

Disney is powerful because he has been perfecting for 60 years. See the reasons behind such an event, you can mimic these characteristics and achieve building a business full of magic.

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